Netgear Genie Application for Router Setup

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Netgear Genie Application for Router Setup

This is true that you will need to manage your Netgear wifi router device for the advance settings and these settings will be possible only and only if you can access the smart setup page for your device. if you are using a computer device then you can use http:// web address for accessing the Netgear router login page. Default login user name and password will be used if you are accessing the Netgear router login page for the first time.

netgear router login

Netgear wifi router devices can also be managed using the mobile device and this will be possible using a mobile application. The mobile application we are talking about is known as Netgear Genie Application and this application can be used for both desktop computers and MAC devices. there is complete list of the configurations that are manageable just with the help of Netgear Genie app and this article will explain all these possible features in details.

Here are the Possible Configurations that are Possible Using the Netgear Genie Application

In following session we are explaining all the advance applications that are possible using the Genie for your desktop device.

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Netgear Genie App for Parental Controls

Netgear wifi router device can easily block the websites that you are not allow to your home network. Parental controls will make it possible that you can block the websites for your home network. If you want to have parental controls for your device then you can access the Netgear Genie app for your desktop and there you will need to select the “Parental Controls” tab. Once you click on the “Manage” button you can easily configure the parental controls for your device.

Various Tools for Netgear Genie Application

When you access the Netgear Genie Application at your desktop device you will need to go for the “Tools” option for your application. You can find the “Tools” option under the “Network Support” tab. Under the tools option you will find Ping, Trace Route, DNS Lookup and Computer Profile. You can use the Ping utility for checking the connections between your computer device and router. if they are not connected to each other accurately then you will need to make sure that Ethernet cable connections are accurate for your device. login

Manage Wireless Settings for your Router Using Netgear Genie Application

Wireless settings for Netgear wifi router device need to be managed accurately this will be possible if you can have the login access for your Netgear router setup page. Wireless settings include many possible settings including the wireless name or SSID name, wifi access password for your device. you can access the Netgear Genie application home screen and there you will find the “Wireless Settings” option. Make sure that you are using the latest version for your Netgear Genie application.

Accessing the Network Map using Netgear Genie Application

If you are using the Netgear wifi router and extender device then you will able to connect a number of wireless devices to your home network. You will able to have high speed connections for your device and then you can experience the high speed upload and downloads for your device. Using the network map feature for Netgear genie application you can see all the wireless devices that are connected within your home network.         

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